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You all must have seen that there are many Chinese brands which are leading in the market such as Huawei, Honor, Vivo and Oppo but with this, there is one more brand which is leading the most and is giving the perfect competition to another brand as well which is the OnePlus. Yes, it is the Chinese brand but it doesn’t look like because it serves many great features along with the guarantee which it gives. There are many more things which should be mentioned about the OnePlus but the most important thing which you all should know is that the leaks about OnePlus 7 are now out.

Image Source: YouTube

OnePlus 7 will be the finest smartphone till date by the OnePlus and also OnePlus is proud to have its smartphones to be sold at a high percentage. The best sale of the smartphone was for OnePlus 6 as it made really good competition in the market by giving high configuration features in it and that too with affordable price. With this, the Chinese brand OnePlus always follows the pattern of launching a new smartphone in the two parts of the year. One model in the first half and the second model in another half, the same pattern will be leading now as well, the OnePlus 7 will launch in the first half of 2019 and OnePlus 7T(the updated version of OnePlus 7) will be launched in the second half of 2019.

Leaked images and features are already out in the market and this will also help the buyers to know about it. The most usefull and better thing which is shown in the image is that OnePlus has also added the slide-out selfie camera which many of the Chinese brands have input in their smartphones such as Oppo and Vivo. Also, there are many brands which have focussed on the no-notch screen in their next smartphone whereas OnePlus has already added this feature for giving a big and larger screen. One thing which is pretty sure about the OnePlus is that it will add the great screen for the users.

The leaks about the features and specifications are still not completely out by the reports, therefore, we just have to wait for that but with this, we are pretty sure that the user will get something good in the market. Wait for more leaks or the official reports by the OnePlus.


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