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Despite Oppo being a massive smartphone manufacturer in Europe, the company has shown just limited presence in Europe and North America. But now, this scenario will change with the all new Oppo Find X. The phone will be the Oppo’s first phone to have an international launch after the not-so-impressive N1. The Oppo Find X comes with an edge-to-edge screen, having no notch due to the pop-camera module in it. However, this funky new design will not cost cheap as the company plans to sell the smartphone for €999 (around $1,155) in the international market.

With smartphones such as the OnePlus 6, Lenovo Z5, LG G7 ThinQ having notch design similar to the iPhone X, the Oppo Find X sure looks like an attempt to offer users a full-screen device without the notch. Instead of the usual front-facing camera embedded in the front panel of the phone, the Oppo Find X will have front cameras hidden on a tray which tucks inside the top of the device. When the user activates the front camera feature, the tray will pop-up for the click. The phone will feature two rear cameras which are also place on the sliding tray.

Well, the main concern here is the durability of the camera tray. If the tray fails, the user will no longer be able to take snaps on the phone. Moreover, the Oppo Find X does not come with a fingerprint sensor, and so, the only lock option available is the face unlock feature using the front camera. Hence, the user will have to open the camera tray each time he/she wants to use the phone.   

Talking about other specifications of the phone, the Oppo Find X will feature 6.4 inches curved OLED, Snapdragon 845 processor and 8GB RAM with internal storage of 256GB. It will run on the Android 8.1 OS and will likely come with a price tag of $1000+.

The phone will start shipping outside Asia in August this year. The Oppo Find X is an unlocked device so it should probably work on any major LTE/GMS network such as AT&T or T-Mobile.



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