Orion Span, Space

Everyone loves to take a break from the hectic daily schedule and go on vacations or getaways whenever such an opportunity pops up. A vacation is something that no person in the world can resist and this feeling to unwind and could get all the more interesting if you get the chance to go on a vacation in Space. Imagine yourself to be in space where your annoying boss or friends cannot contact you. Is the thought of this unusual exploration of going to the space for vacation giving you goosebumps already? Well, the latest research by scientists has now proved that human beings could survive in the space which has further led to the private companies open a luxury hotel in space.

Area tech start-up Orion Span will release its Aurora Space Station hotel in the year 2021. The booking for the rooms will start a by the year 2022 if the Station can fly in the low Earth orbit (LEO). 2 team members and four brave travelers will go for the 12-day experience. The space on board costs $9.5 million, where the travelers have to make an $80,000 deposit initially.

Orion Span, Space

Orion Span will be conducting three-month training for the travelers which is supposed to give them a better understanding of space and also make the travelers feel safe and comfortable. Orion will also conduct training for its crew to make sure that they offer the travelers with the best of service.

Moreover, Orion will also be launching more of such hotels so that more people can access the hotels in space. The company also takes sole responsibility to try and come up with new measures and make people access space by launching greater but low-cost hotels that can allow even the average people to access hotels in space.


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