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According to the latest study, people who consume more than recommended amount of alcohol on a daily basis may harbor an unhealthy mix of harmful bacteria in their mouth.

The researchers found that when compared with the non-alcoholics, people who drank more than Limited alcohol consumption have only a few amounts of good bacteria in their mouth. They also host a huge amount of bad bacteria including bugs that are associated with increasing gum disease, heart disease, and sometimes cancer. This study has been the latest to look at the essential factors that influence the human microbiome- the trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that naturally Dual on the body. There have been some studies that found links between the gut’s microbiome and high risk of diseases related to them. In General, the studies where found where the more diversity in the gut microbiome, the better. According to the research, the imbalance in the amount of microbiome in the mouth can increase the risk of diabetes and gum diseases at the same time and also increase the possibility of cancers of the head, neck, and the digestive tract.

A senior researcher, Jiyoung Ahn of NYU Langone Health in the New York City, said, “We wanted to look at the question, what are the lifestyle factors that influence the oral microbiome”.

The most natural factors to consider are drinking habits. Heavy drinking is associated with higher risks of gum diseases and certain types of cancers of the head and neck. It is a proof as well that alcohol can change the bacterial makeup of the mouth altogether. Ahn analyzed the mouth samples from 1,044 U.S adults who were a part of two ongoing national cancer studies. Out of those people, about one-quarter of the people said they were nondrinkers. Another 59% of the people were the moderate drinkers, and about 15% were heavy drinkers.

Alcoholics also had a higher level of bad bacteria like the Bacteroidales, Actinomyces, and Neisseria species. Han also explained that the oral microbiome could also be influenced by a variety of factors such as diet, tooth brushing and Dental Care.

Ahn said, “This is the first study to show this relationship and no research is necessary.” when he was asked about why would alcohol selectively because an increase in some bad bugs and deep in some good ones, he said, “we don’t know. So next we want to study the possible mechanisms.”


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