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In a recent report, it was found out that over 70,000 people have died from the opioid overdose from 1999. These deaths are not added to the overwhelming toll which was done to know the deaths due to opioid, as said by researchers.

The researchers have found that in some of the states there are many drug overdose and they are broadly classified as they are not being counted properly as it was not opioid-related. In some of the states, there is the third of all the drug overdose deaths, as said by the team who are from the University Of Pittsburgh School of public health.

According to the study which was published in the journal Public Health said that there was a chance that about 70,000 opioid cases and unintentional overdose deaths might have taken place from the year 1999 to 2015. They are not reported due to incomplete reporting of those incidents, and it is indicating that the opioid overdose epidemic may be worse than what it is now. These findings from the studies have found the opioid overdose, and they are undercounted.

In a report, it was seen that Pennyslyvania had got the most unspecified overdose deaths, and from them, more than half were not classified.

As per the International Classification of Diseases or ICD codes, the team has gone through the death records, and they have looked at some of the specific codes which are assigned by the National Center for Health Statistics. The lead author of the team researchers Jeanine Buchanich, who is the biostatistics researcher has said that we have counted deaths by state per year. We have calculated the percentages of overdose deaths which is by state and year which has coded as opioid-related, unspecified and non-opioid-related.

When these teams have calculated the unclassified drug overdose deaths, then they are probably due to the opioids, and they have found a huge variation from one state to other.



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