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Nowadays, it seems that most people come in the confluence of the smartphone. First, it is to be said that a huge number of teenagers are using smartphones unconditionally. Many apps and many features some good and some bad are exploring by the teenagers. But the time is changing now as adults also coming more in the impact of the smartphones. Using Social media is the first priority of adults that also surpassed the importance of their family. They are spending more time on social media or their phones and on social media.

There is an increment of adults using smartphone since 2016. According to the latest report issued by Common Sense Media, it is an organization of nonprofit children’s advocacy and media rating organization they said: “If you’re concerned about your own device use, which an increasing number of parents are, then you ought to be able to impart that wisdom to your kids,” said James P. Steyer, the organization’s chief executive. “That’s your job.” According to a report, based on the survey of 500 couples of parents and teenagers. In this report, teardown that they all have a convoluted relationship with their smartphone and with their family as well.

There are some parents who feel troubled about that there obsessed with their smartphone, but on a scale of four by Ten have some concern about their parents. It is also found, in a report of Mr. Steyer and Michaell Robb, that the people adjusting there sleep time to spend more time on the phone all overnight. It is like they are finding less time to spend on their device and by disturbing their sleep. “That’s important because we know that healthy sleep is associated with a range of positive outcomes and poor sleep is related to a range of negative outcomes,” said by the senior director of research Mr. Robb, of Common Sense Media.

Image Source: IT Pro

An online-based survey in February and March that shows around 26% of parents use their smartphones and Tablets before 5 minutes when they are going to sleep. They also shared that they do the same in the morning when they wake up in the morning as they check their phone first for five minutes after they wake up the percentage of those people is 23. Some wake up in the middle of the night to check their phone.

The number goes higher in the case of Teenagers as there are almost 40% of teenagers find that they used their device for five minutes before going to sleep. The percentage of teenagers that shared that they wake up in the middle of their sleep to check their device is 36%. The Teenagers who check their device within five minutes of waking up is 32%. Mr. Steyer said that it is time to huge wake up as he sleeps with his wife and children in a room without his phone as he keeps his phone in a different room.

It is found that 29% of teenagers sleep with their phone on the bed while sleeping and there are 29% of adults doing the same. It shows the glimpse of demographics of the population of the survey that includes parents and teenagers. There is also an error of 4.4% in the margin.

It is to be issued in a report of Common sense media, that show the parents who spend much time on the smartphones and tablets the behavior and mindset of their children go in the opposite direction. In a survey that claimed that the parents increased the use of their phone after the year 2016, they shared that the time they are spending with their device gets doubled compared to the past few years. The percentage of parents is around 52% using their device much while in the case of the teenagers the percentage has declined from 61 to 39%.

The percentage of parents also hiked that are addicted to their device from 29 to 45%. On the other hand, teenagers who felt that they are addicted to the smartphone are 39%. The number has been reduced first it was around 50%. The reason is uncleared why the behavior is changing of Teenagers and Parents. But according to the theory of Mr. Robb that specify in his theory that Parents are using their smartphones for watching the news and children use their smartphones for normal Apps and for social media only a few teenagers uses such device like adults.

There are 42% of parents and 43% of teens checked their device a few time in an hour when it comes to actual use. The percentage of both groups is almost the same in this category. It is also found out by Mr. Robb that both the groups’ of teenagers and parents are tense for each other use but still arguing it less.

Nowadays every 4th in the 10 teenagers finds that their parents giving more time to the phone and they are addicted to it now. On another hand, every 6th in 10 parents are believing that their children are being addicted to their smartphone. Seven in ten parents shared that their Children have been addicted to their device. The numbers hint that the parents are more addicted to their device in comparison to teenagers. Both groups debate daily about the use of mobile devices, almost a fifth them fell from one third.

According to Mr. Robb who said “Both kids and parents are arguing less, but at the same time they are feeling that the other is more distracted,” he added, “It’s a really weird finding.” However, Mr. Robb is still uncleared why the families are debate less if they are worried about each other’s use. According to Mr. Steyer, this indifference or hold caused maybe because of the resigning of the smartphone. But there is still some hope left as it has found in a survey that around two-thirds of the parents that they control the use of mobile according to the rules of the family.

It has been said by Mr. Steyer that “We’ve been saying for years at Common Sense that you need to have ‘sacred spaces,’” he added, “There are times and places where phones, in particular, but all digital platforms should not be there. The bedroom is the obvious one.”


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