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In a new study, it was found that the people who eat a lot of foods at work are said to be not a healthy habit. As per the researchers, they say that the preliminary findings from the study of about 5,222 workers which are spread across the United States. It indicates that the food that people ear at work is full of sodium and they are refined grains, and they are low on whole grains and fruit.

According to Stephen Onufrak, who is the epidemiologist in the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that to their knowledge, this is the first national study which was done on the food habits and food taken to the work. As per the research, it suggests that the foods that people get from work usually not align well with the recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

As per the lead author Stephen, he said that about 1 in 4 working adults are obtaining the food at work and it us during the week and the food and beverages are added up to an average of nearly 1300 calories. This was more than half the recommended of daily calorie intake for the average adult. The employees usually spend 8 hours a day on average at offices and tot of people are not aware of all the calories that they get from work, and they are especially from foods at work which was at 8 percent.

Onufrak has presented the results of the research on Monday at the American Society for Nutrition annual meeting in Boston. This new study has used the data from the nationally representative household survey by the US Department of Agriculture on Food Purchases and acquisitions. It was done during the seven-day study period.

The researchers have found out that they are more than 70 percent of the calories and they can be obtained for free. They suggested that the employers should use the worksites wellness programs to promote and improve the food quality.



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