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As we all know there are a large number of PUBG streamers out there. And sometimes many of us think while playing PUBG that the player I have killed or the player that has killed me appears or happens to be a popular streamer. What will be the reaction? What did Twitch chat reply? Did I openly humiliate myself in presence of the thousands of spectators?

Image Source: Variety

It is not about bad or good, but for now, you can see yourself, as PUBG community developer has made an app which will help you to see your kills captured on camera by popular streamers.

The PUBG’s new tool named PUBG Report, it basically uses in-game data to link kills to Twitch streams. It can only be possible with the help of PUBG API, it is an official or you can say it is a free service where developers can use post-match game data to developed tools and websites.


How actually PUBG Report works?

Amazingly, the whole process behind this is very simple and easy. What you need is just look for any player username on the PUBG Report and it must show that whether you were killed or has been killed by a streamer within the preceding 14 days. And certainly, you will be qualified to click on the results to watch them, the videos even begin right before the kill. And to see it works, we tried this out with a friend’s username and watched an irritated German streamer’s reaction to being completely submerged. There is a lot of fun to watch.

But there are several numbers of drawbacks or you can say conditions to PUBG Report. The main and the worst condition is it only works for the PC player. PUBG community developer is now stepping towards adding console data shortly. simultaneously with support for the streaming platform Mixer. As we have talked earlier and also mentioned that  PUBG Report and it must show whether you were killed or has been killed by a streamer within the preceding 14 days. Therefore any kills from before then have previously denoted lost to the void of the internet. And for your better, we suggest you save your those Twitch clips.

Although you do not always guarantee to find out your those Twitch clips yourself, the PUBG report looks like nifty to find out what was actually going on in another player mind in those stressful circles. Most likely to be nervous.

In the coming future, it will give tribute and will also feature a collection of highlight clips showing impressive achievement, such as the longest kill ever capture on Twitch stream.


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