What if our Earth runs out of ice? That is what going to happen very soon if the chaos doesn’t stop. The one-fourth of the Antarctic ice is totally going unstable. According to the new studies, the ice in Antarctica is getting thin day by day and now the ice has thinned by 400 feet at some places and if such happenings continue, the sea level may rise and may cause a lot of problems for the humans and the wildlife too.

Andy Shepherd, a polar scientist at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, who is the lead author of the study said, “In parts of Antarctica, the ice sheet has thinned by extraordinary amounts.” The actual reason behind the melting of the ice is the climate change which is not natural but man-made and the climate change resulted in the warming of underground water which is melting the ice and the glaciers no only in Antarctica but all around the world. Shepherd conveyed in an interview with the Guardian, “Along a 1,850-mile stretch of West Antarctica, the water in front of the glaciers is too hot, This causes melting of the underside of the glaciers where they grind against the seabed. The melting lessens the friction and allows the glaciers than to slide more quickly into the ocean and therefore become thinner.”

If you are still thinking that this is the ice which melts down and refreezes by the time then you are totally wrong! The ice melting in Antarctica is freshwater ice which is on the gigantic ice sheets and in the glaciers by which almost the whole continent is covered. The reason behind the instability of the ice in Antartica region is that the ice that is melting and ice chunks which are breaking off are resulting in reducing the mass faster than expected which can be rebuilt with the help of snowfall.


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