Billions of years ago, Mars was a planet full of water as it had rivers and oceans all over the planet. But due to the calamities over the planet, it lost its water and even today Mars loses hydrogen into space. As per the research and study, Mars has lost its 80% of the water due to the ultraviolet radiation from the Sun split water molecules in the upper atmosphere into hydrogen and hydroxyl radicals and the hydrogen gas irrevocably escaped. This is one of the reasons why Mars is just a dusty barren land.

Scientists have come out with a new theory of the water cycle of planet Mars that how Mars lost so much of its water and Earth has still a lot of water left on its surface. According to the researchers, every two years on Earth, summers it the Mars and the water molecules rise due to the heat and travel towards the north pole of the planet with some rare gasses where it settles down again but most of it gets wasted in the space.

Dr. Paul Hartogh from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MPS) conveyed in a statement, “When it is summer in the southern hemisphere, at certain times of day water vapor can rise locally with warmer air masses and reach the upper atmosphere.” Dmitry Shaposhnikov of MPS, first author of the new study explained, “Our model shows with unprecedented accuracy how dust in the atmosphere affects the microphysical processes involved in the transformation of ice into water vapor.”

The storm problems over Mars are one of the reasons why Mars lost a lot of its water. The dust particles absorb the sunlight and when the particles heat up they raise the temperature by almost 30 degrees. Planet Mars orbit the Sun more than our planet and when the summers hit the planet, the position of Mars if way close to its star which is the reason why Mars is way hotter.


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