Samsung, Galaxy

Samsung might have decided to follow its exclusive design for the Galaxy S9, but the company has plans of supporting the rest of the competition and echoing the standout feature of the iPhone X of Apple.

Lurking inside a new patent is the approach of Samsung to maximizing the screen to body ratio that faces the user. The screen would reach as high as possible, and the company would pack as many forward facing electronics into a small cut-out at the top of the screen.

Samsung, Galaxy

The notch that would for all times be associated with Apple continues its march into the flagship form factor. To be fair, everybody is following the same design trends of maximizing the frontal area while minimizing the visible bezels. With Google extending native software support in Android for screen cutouts this is the way forward, at least till more technology could be packed under an active display and the notch could be summarily eliminated.

The second design mentioned in the patent is- no visible sensors or camera, no visible fingerprint reader, and no apparent home button. Samsung has decided to pack everything into a screen that displays and conceals everything as one.

The images in the patent show the absence of a curved edge on the long sides of the display, which is a crucial feature of Samsung’s Galaxy S devices. That puts forth some approaches. Firstly the patent application may be from some years ago when the company still offered a vanilla and edge variant of its flagship. Secondly, it may be that the company is ready to drop one of the key identifying features of the Galaxy S series.

It is more likely that Samsung would push its second-tier Galaxy A devices with a notch and a flat screen. Given the delirious desire of Apple to drive the prices of its handset over one thousand dollars for a notched display, with a mid-range notched smartphone, Samsung could pick up a lot of business.


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