According to scientists, it is believed that our planet has our own saviors out there and those saviors are non-other than the big planets like Jupiter. It is believed by our scientists that planets like Jupiter act like the protectors who protect us from the space objects which can hurt Earth badly and just like Jupiter, scientists think that there are some other gigantic objects which are saving our Solar System from the intruders. According to the new research led by the scientists at UCR have tracked down two massive Jupiter like planets which have a high tendency to prove that other small planets in the other solar system may have life on it. The Jupiter sized planets are found 150 light years away from the Earth.

Stephen Kane, lead study author and UCR associate professor of planetary astrophysics said, “We believe planets like Jupiter have profoundly impacted the progression of life on Earth. Without them, humans might not be here to have this conversation. Understanding how many other stars have planets like Jupiter could be very important for learning about the habitability of planets in those systems.” According to Kane, it is believed that those planets which are situated in other solar system have abilities resembling our planets of acting as a “slingshot” which are able to pull objects like meteors, comets, and asteroids out of their trajectories en route to impact with small, rocky planets.

Kane’s study was recently accepted by the Astronomical Journal that how his team was able to track the other planets by combining the traditional calculations and the new technology. One of the methods that were used during the study was monitoring stars for ‘wobble’ according to which the stars move either towards or away from our Earth. Wooble occurs because of the gravitational pull exerted by the nearby planets.


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