Storm, NASA, Mars

The Martian dust storms that generally take place while in the summer months in the southern hemisphere of the plant can sometimes get tragic and intense. In the recent past few weeks, the dust storm has eaten away the entire planet Mars and has forced to shut down the opportunity rover and stop the operations.

According to the reports, this storm is likely to be similar to that of the one that took place in the year 2007 that caused the spirit rover to get lost in the dust. There has been an expression of solicitude and anxiety on how the dust storms are affecting the rover operations and how are they getting lost in the midst of nowhere.

On the other hand, the rover named curiosity managed to get some pictures of the sandstorm before it spread all over the sky. Although the Curiosity rover is situated on the other side of the Mars planet from where Opportunity rover is now situated, the dust in the atmosphere has been increasing gradually. Curiosity rover is said to remain unaffected by the heavy storm because it runs on nuclear-powered battery unlike the opportunity rover that runs on solar power, making the curiosity rover stay in a good position.

It has been unclear why the Martian dust storms occur on the mars surface. To understand the causes of this dust storm will not only get a better understanding of how the weather works on different planets but at the same time, it will be important for the humans when they would plan a trip to the red planet in the coming years. If the sources are to be believed, SpaceX would be taking tourists to Mars in the coming future, knowing about the cause of uncertain dust storms would get a lot of help to the SpaceX team, perhaps.


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