Image Source: Mashable

Samsung Galaxy never fails to fulfil the expectations of its customer and enhancing the features according to day to day use. Samsung always amazed with its new advance and innovative technology, as now a new foldable device has introduced by the company knowing as Samsung Galaxy Fold. But according to some reports, the retailers are cancelling the pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy fold. In a report of Best But the retailers cancelled the pre-orders of approximately $1,980. Some of the reviewers have found some issues while removing the protective layer over the screen. Some of them noticed debris between the hinge and screen.

Some units of the device are also damaged find by some reviewers, an issue of an odd screen flickering also experienced by the users. That gives a negative impact on customers who are planning to buy this device. However, the release date of the device has not specified by the company till yet. Samsung also providing information about its planning to detect the durability problems related to Galaxy Fold. Samsung gives a statement of 23rd of April according to that the company said “We Will take measures to strengthen the display protection. We also enhance the guidance on care and use of the display, including the protective layer…”

Image Source: Mashable

According to some reports, it is being claimed that Samsung is coming with an idea of moving the protective screen shield of the screen inside the device so that they can resist the overlay which is commonly observed in Samsung’s devices. Now, all we should have to wait to see is Samsung is coming back in 2019 with is new device Samsung Fold or the company should take the step the move on the new update as Galaxy Fold 2. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updated reports related to Samsung Galaxy Fold.


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