Space X, AI robot crew

A retired astronaut has predicted that the rockets which are now getting developed by NASA, SpaceX and Blue Origin will not get succeed to land humans on Mars. This will not happen not of technology but due to large safety reasons.

This statement was said by the NASA’s retired astronaut, Chris Hadfield, who was retired in the year 2013 from the Canadian Space Agency and he thinks that the likelihood of the regular missions to Mars with humans on board is unlikely to happen.

Hadfield has his first spaceflight in the year 1995, then his second flight in 2001 and third in 2013. He also traveled inside the Russian Soyuz spacecraft and the International Space Station. When he was asked about the future rocket ships from the three major companies, he replied by saying that we can never go to Mars with the engines that are currently getting used in the rockets. He added by saying that the technology that he has taken to the moon back can also take us to the Mars. The astronauts who are on these missions would not make it and thinks that liquid-fuel rockets are currently in development which includes NASA’s Space Launch System and Space BFR and it will still pose the unacceptable risks.

NASA has scheduled its Space Launch System for the year 2020, and it will be getting power from its engines and with the combination of the liquid hydrogen and solid chemical fuels. Blue Origin is also looking forward to using the liquid hydrogen in the rocket. Hadfield says that he doubts in this missions to Mars as the vehicles which could get to Mars about the issues and it is about the safety of any humans on board. The threat of radiation, explosions, and starvation along with other things will be the main problem for this mission.


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