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As per World Health Organisation (WHO), it said that a revamped drug could help in withstanding the extreme heat. It has the capability for about 1000 days, and it could revolutionize the ability to keep the new mothers alive.

This new medicine is known as heat-stable carbetocin can prevent the fatal bleeding which is generally caused in women after they give birth to their babies. This fatal bleeding sometimes kills the newborn babies mother. To save the lives of the new mothers, WHO have revamped this drug.

This drug could help millions of new mothers worldwide, as said by WHO. The existing drugs can even be used in the hot and humid conditions which are present in many countries. These will help in saving the lives of the mother in these countries in an efficient manner.

As per the reports, about 70,000 women die every year due to the severe bleeding after the childbirth. These are known as postpartum hemorrhages, and they increase the risk of the babies dying in the first month after their birth due to loss of a mother. To tackle this worldwide problem, WHO has suggested to use an injection of oxytocin which will be offered to all the women who have given birth vaginally.

It has been recommended that the medicine should be kept in between 2 to 8 degrees from the moment it has been manufactured so that it can be used as per WHO experts. They said by adding that it may not work in underdeveloped countries who have little access to the refrigerator and unreliable power supplies.

The trial results of the drug were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This trail test has been done on about 30,000 women in about ten countries across the globe. They are given randomly allocated an injection of heat-stable carbetocin immediately after the birth.


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