Google, Chrome, Gmail, Email, Right-Click Feature, New Feature
Image Source: The Hacker News

As we know that every time, Google comes and say that “Google is performing modifications to Gmail” and this sentence we used to hear with feeling extremely worried or frightened. But this time we are not worried and feeling good about it.

As many of the Gmail users do not know that after right-clicking on emails in the Gmail, it will show you the option which leads to simple actions that you want to complete or get done. Presently, it’s a good time to know about the features, though, because on this Monday, the giant search engine Google declared that it will provide a lot more new and latest option in the context menu whenever users right-click on an email. And as we know that, at the present moment, we have only three options available in the context menu and right-click will show you the Archive, Mark as Read, or Delete option only. Luckily, after a few days, we all have effectively any feature you could request for in the context menu huddled simply a single click away.

Google, Chrome, Gmail, Email, Right-Click Feature, New Feature
Image Source: Gizmodo

Presently, what we can perform after right-clicking is can move, archive or delete an email or mark it as read or unread. But after Google launches its new Right-click feature, it will show you several numbers of options such as, you can able to search for identical or same emails, including marking up additional messages from that sender or emails with the same title or subject. And the best and the most useful feature that Google will provide is an expanded menu that will give you the ability to open numerous numbers of emails in separate windows at the same time if you really want to take a closer examination at an email, and immediately add a label to organize your inbox.

It is a happy moment for G Suit users as for them, right-click feature will start today onwards. But the full and complete release of the right-click feature is listed to start on 22nd February and this new feature will take a minimum 3 days to reach to the users. Google is trying and processing hard to analyze its platform and offer the basic feature more quickly available across G Suite lately. Including the adding shortcut to quickly make new documents and sheets and shutting off the rarely used notification widget permanently.

The image given below show how the old right-click context menu looks like:

Google, Chrome, Gmail, Email, Right-Click Feature, New Feature

There is no fixed roll out date announced by the Google, it will declare the rollout date of new right-click feature in the coming few days. It will make its entrance to your inbox someday.


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