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US spaceflight startup Rocket Lab has set the new dates for the first commercial rocket launch. The mission which is dubbed as “It’s Business Time” and has set the target of the 14-day launch window for the Electron rocket.  The launch window sets to open on 23rd June, and it extends up to July 6th, 2018.

As per reports the original date for the launch of the third flight of Electron was scheduled to launch from the Mahia Peninsula between 20th April and 3rd May 2018. The launch was then delayed for the two-months to allow Rocket lab to add some extra payloads to the mission which is now set to launch from the company’s pad on the southern tip to the Mahia Peninsula on New Zealand’s Northern Island.

The company also found some critical motor issues when they are filling the fuel in the rocket, and then they delayed the launch of the rocket. Now, Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck said that the company engineers have figured out the issue and had made some changes to the vehicle which ensures that the motor acts properly. Earlier the mission was set to launch only two small Lemur-2 satellites which are made by Spire Global, and TyvakNano-Satellite Systems made other.  The rocket also includes a research satellite which was built by the students and also special test satellites which will help in demonstrate a flat and reflective sail. The tech will also help in the mission to get dragged down the Earth faster and to clear the satellites from the space which are completed their missions.

This new launch will be the third launch of the company. Previously, the company has already done two successful launches which is one in May last year, and one in January and then the company has decided to move to the commercial flights. When the first test launch did, the rocket has made to space, and it cannot reach the target orbit due to a glitch in communication equipment on the ground.

In the US, the daily launch windows are adjusted with the launch times which was opened from June 22nd to July 5th at 20:30 EDT and closing time are at 00:30 EDT. The additional two payloads are IRVINE 01 and NABEO. The company has planned to live-stream the launch and will give updates at regular interval during the launch.


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