Roku TV And Amazon Fire TV: Which Is Best TV Streaming Device
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If you are looking for a best and cheap, easy method to watch streaming video from Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, HBO, YouTube and a lot of thing on your TV? We will tell you that, we have two best choices, the first choice is Ruko TV and the second one is Amazon Fire TV.

As we all know, Roku streaming stick is, one of the best and most popular names, in media streamers, But, for a few months, Amazon has attracted more and more customers by its Amazon Fire TV. I have tested both the TV streaming devices, Roku and Amazon Fire TV and come to know, both of them have, very much similar similarities.

Almost Same Features And Specification And Very Few Differences: Roku And Amazon Fire TV

1. Both of them will fit in your budget easily, Ruko is available at $30 and Amazon Fire TV at $40.

2. Both the devices have up to millions of TV apps, which will also have some famous and popular TV apps, and almost every app seems to like and sound basically, the same on both, even on Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, HBO.

3. Both the streaming devices have the same quickness, equal response time and very much reliable if you have a strong network connection at your home.

4. Amazon Fire TV also provide you a remote with TV volume and power buttons to manage the several TV’s, so you do not, really need the remote that come along with your TV.

Roku TV And Amazon Fire TV: Which Is Best TV Streaming Device
Image Source: Digital Trends

5. Both the streaming devices have numerous models, begins with basic streamers up to 4K resolution compatible version with voice, able to control device, and built-in headphone jack in the remote.

What To Choose Roku Or Amazon Fire TV

I will really, suggest you choose Roku instead of Amazon Fire TV

Why Choose Roku?

Better Menu System

Roku offers you a great menu system. In Roku, it depends on you, where you want to place the apps, you can adjust according to your convenience, just the same as you can do in your smartphone. It will really, help you to search and select your favorite apps. And it will also help you to free up the screen space and free up the screen with other unwanted apps.

Using Fire TV Stick means to walk with effort through a group of TV shows and movies in addition to apps itself. There would be no problem if they were the same TV shows and movies, which I actually see, or really want to see – some Netflix menus can do well. But not many times, I do not care about TV shows and movies on the screen of Fire TV. They just look like the same material Amazon or its partners want me to see.

Better Search Results – Roku

Roku TV And Amazon Fire TV: Which Is Best TV Streaming Device
Image Source: Digital Trends

Roku’s search result is far better than Amazon Fire TV and, it creates a positive experience for the customer. As it shows how much this specific TV shows or Movies will cost you and you can click on it to buy or to watch them and the most amazing part if you have already subscribed it then, it will show you, it’s free because you have already subscribed it. Amazon Fire TV’s search result is worse than Roku, as it will show more irritating results, with so many options and less effective. And once you find out what you want, you only see one primary service, and you have to click on it, to see “more ways to see”.

Excess Of Apps

One of the best of Roku, it has a huge number of app collections, which you could require, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu. And yes, of course, Fire TV also has the same app which Roku has. That’s why, this is not the main feature to differentiate between them, but the main reason is YouTube TV. And if you really, want YouTube TV and it’s your favorite live TV streaming services, Vudu or Google Play Movies and TVs to buy or rent two major sources of movies, which compete straight against Amazon Video. The applications of fire TV anywhere in the app is a good option for those two, though.

Less Costly – Roku

It is one of the cheapest streaming devices. It is available in $30 Roku Express, the best choice for an essential element of streamers. It will give you the best advantages of Roku I have mention in the above paragraph, and also perform great, but the absence of the extras mentioned below.

Roku TV And Amazon Fire TV: Which Is Best TV Streaming Device
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The cheapest Fire TV Stick cost $40, which always sells for $40 only. It has several more feature if we compare with Roku such as a voice remote and TV control, and often goes on sale for $30.

Best Choice For 4K TVs – Roku Streaming Stick Plus

In this point of comparison, both are very close, but my choice goes to Roku, still.

The foremost fight is between the $50 Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4K and the $60 Roku Streaming Sticks Plus.

In addition to the above main benefits (interface, application and search results), Roku has access to more 4K content through Vudu and Google Play Movies and TV apps, which lacks Fire TV. Compared to Vudu, Amazon has its own 4K HDR movies library to rent and buy. Yes, you can always rent and buy the utilities through those services (or iTunes), and you can use the app anywhere on Fire TV to watch it anywhere, but it is appropriate to do everything on one device.

The one advantage to choose Fire TV Stick 4K is that it is compatible with the Dolly Vision HDR format, which can be and not be important for you. It is only important to you if your TV performs notably better with DV instead of standard HDR. But for many people, that benefit does not exceed the power of Roku, even $ 10 cheaper too.

Great For Voice: Alexa And Fire TV – Roku

It is very important for that person, who use voice control to find and select specific TV shows or movies. And all this, you will get on Fire TV. Because of this Fire TV wins.

I am not saying that Roku, does not provide voice search on its remote. Yes, it really provides you a voice search on its remote begins with the $50 Roku Streaming Stick and Premiere Plus, but each and every Fire TV has this amazing features, such as the $40 basic Fire TV Stick.

Both of them will let you search through voice easily, launch applications and control playback (fast-forward, pause, etc.), but Fire TV lets you control Alexa’s smartphone devices, get weather reports and do everything including the answer to questions, complete with on-screen search results. Voice of Alexa also talks back via the speaker of TV.

And if a user has Alexa speaker at his/her home such as Echo Dot, it going to a treat for him, as you can perform the various different task without using your hands on Fire TV (Nothing is required) with a standard Alexa commands. For example.if you say, “Alexa play Roma” and it Fire TV will automatically launch Netflix and it will start playing the movie.

The difference in Roku is, it operates with Google Home speakers but not as good as Fire TV. And the main point to notice is that Netflix does not operate with Roku and Google Home. If you want to give any command then you have to say “Roku” every time at the end of every command. For example, if you give a command to launch Hulu, you have to say, “OK Google, launch Hulu on Roku”. But if you have already owned a Google Home speaker and simply want to use it for TV control, Fire TV is not the best option to choose.

And in last, Roku streamers also operate with Alexa but with the exact restriction given above. For example, must say “Roku” at the end of every command,

Hear Through Headphone – Roku

Roku had a very good feature on its high-end players for a long time: A headphone jack built into the remote control. You simply, plug your headphones into clicker and audio on TV and automatically mute the soundbar, and also the sound comes via headphones, with the volume control over the phone.

But unluckily, between the latest Rokus, only $ 100 Roku Ultra comes in a remote with a headphone jack.

If you do not want to spend the ultra all the way, then for you there are two choices left. First, you can buy a headphone jack with Roku Enhanced Remote for $ 30. It connects with any latest model of Roku Streamer and even adds voice result search. and the second option is, you can use the free Roku app on your smartphone. It operates exactly like with Ultra – just fire the app and connect headphone to your smartphone.

Fire TV’s solely a choice for personal hearing to connect Bluetooth headphones, but this is not so effective as it seems. Doing this, you can get an audio lag and you have to make a volume control provided in the headphones.


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