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As we know that Apple is expecting more revenue from iPhone XS, XS Max, XR and in the beginning, it looks like, they have earned and collected a lot at the end of 2018, but in the end, it fell down by the expectations. After the phone underperformance on store shelves post-launch, Tim Cook, CEO of the Apple issued a letter to investors, to take a look and verify a revision in Apple’s expected earnings for the first four months of 2019. With such unnaturally weak performance, the responsibility on Apple, to ensure that the iPhone lineup of this year is a hit, it’s possibly more than ever.

The information you need to know about iPhone 11, as per the rumor and leaks.

Design – iPhone 11

Now it’s time to think and expect big from Apple now onwards. With the exception of moving from the Home button to the notch, the development of the iPhone design is not inappropriate to say a specific iterative. There is a clear plan or you can say layout that ends from the original iPhone right through to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and it’s OK, but it also makes it easy to guess what its creators can do next.

There are several numbers of fan-made renders that have an outside part since the concept of an iPhone 11 first come into presence, a few numbers representing a wish list of features that must have in iPhone 11, users might want to have in iPhone 11, and users eagerly waiting for it.

Apple, iPhone, iPhone 11, iOS 12,
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One of the Chinese websites tells the best and logical interpretation of iPhone 11 and say what an iPhone 11 could look like, with a handset whose aesthetics have clearly been affected by the latest iPad Pro models. With Apple avoiding curve edges for more squared cover last year, and there is a huge chance that the company will also gradually but firmly establishes this feature and quality into its next flagship iPhone too.

The renders present sensible volume controls, an alert switcher, a power key with Siri, there is no headphone jack, a USB-c port or Lightning port doesn’t confirm yet and most importantly a notch on an otherwise near bezel-free screen.

Screen – iPhone 11

Apple will vary screen size from 5.8 and 6.5-inch as used in iPhone XS and XS Max, neither we are excited to view the iPhone 11 jumps from OLED technology to LCD back again. HDR support will undoubtedly be a part of the equation too.

Release Date & Price – iPhone 11

As we know Apple always launch its flagship phone in mid-September. So iPhone 11 is not supposed to be any different, with its pricing repeatedly assumed to start at the same start of £999.


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