Salmonella eggs

The salmonella outbreak has resulted in more people becoming sick. This has prompted the Rose Acre Farms to recall all the affected eggs to stop it from further affecting the people’s health. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports, it says that about 35 people have fallen ill after consuming eggs across nine states. Out of 35, 11 have been hospitalized and getting treatment.

The first report which has come nearly a month ago, in which it has announced the outbreak of Salmonella. There is about a dozen of cases which has surfaced after that due to the eggs which have been reported to CDC. The food and Drug Administration has said that the outbreak of this is linked to the eggs that have come from Rose Acre Farms and the company’s facility in North Carolina.


After the outbreak, the company has voluntarily recalled over 206 million eggs to prevent the contamination from further spreading. The recalled eggs are supplied to grocery chains and restaurants in nine states from January 11 and April 12. The eggs that are available in the grocery store are sold under the various brand names like Sunshine Farms, Publix, Sunups, Nelms, Food Lion, Great Value, Glenview, Country Daybreak and Coburn Farms.

According to the report by FDA, in their inspection, they have found more than a dozen of rodents, and also they have stated that the employees have touched the dirty equipment and the bodies, and after that, they had not washed their hands. The inspection by FDA was carried in March. To counter this, Rose Acre Farms has issued a statement and said, “It’s not only corrected deficiencies at the farm” but “also taken steps to ensure the farm meets or exceeds the standards of the FDA and USDA.”

FDA has issued some guidelines for all the peoples of the affected nine states. In that, it has asked the people to avoid eating raw or uncooked eggs. It should be cooked until both yolks and white are firm. Scrambled eggs and other items like quiches, casseroles, and other egg diseases should not be runny and should be cooked to above 160* F. The cooked eggs should not be out of the refrigerator for more than 2 hours as bacteria usually multiply quickly in warm temperatures.


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