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Samsung never get fails to surprise us with its features, always seems that it runs a step ahead from many of the manufacturer. With its every new model Samsung gives a unique feature, look, design. Whether it is a waterproof device like Samsung Galaxy S7 or a full-screen device like S8. Either it is a camera feature of Galaxy S9 or limitless feature in Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9. Now it is also coming with many of innovations likes Galaxy Fold, and also some remarkable features in Galaxy S10.

But it is to be said  Samsung is going to make some changes with the unwanted changes in Note 10, that is assumed that not like by the users. After a remarkable start with all the previous models, the start with Note 10 is not looking so good as it in the past. In the latest report from Android Police, it is come to know that Galaxy Note 10 is going to remove Home Button in its upcoming device, Note 10 will not have in physical button, along with this they also removing the headphone jack from the phone. Both the decisions are like unacceptable by the users.

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Briefing on an unlikely leak that came to know back in the month of March by Android Police Managing Director David Ruddock said that now he can make available some of the powerful confirmation, as he said: “now provide stronger confirmation”. Samsung now is removing all the physical buttons and replacing it with pressure sensitive areas for operating power, Bixby, and volume. All the sensitive areas spotlight with the raised bump or texture along the edge. The exact experiment has done by HTC in its model U12+ and the device emerged out as a disaster.

Now, it seems that Samsung is also following the trend of removing the headphone jack. But along with this, removing of headphone jack it also shows that it is coming under industry pressure. It is completely illogical for doing this experiment with the Note series as we all know about the fanbase of Note series. Note 9 is a business phone and best known for its enormous features and functions. It is completely ludicrous to make some illogical or inappropriate changes with a flagship business device on the name of innovation. There is a lot in which Samsung is lacking this time, that is not justice happening with a phone with really high standards. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.



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