Samsung all set to release its first ever foldable Smartphone this year
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Samsung is all set to unveil the details of its foldable Smartphone in the later months this year. The mobile phone is now under process and will be soon hitting the markets by the end of the year. As stated by DJ Koh, it is now time to deliver a foldable device after the consumer surveys carried out by the company showed that there is a market that needs such phones. He was quite tight-lipped while discussing the Smartphone on the media. However, he discussed quite a few things on how the folding screen could work but sports the design thinking of the upcoming Smartphone.

He also stated that so every device, every feature; every innovation should have a meaningful message to the end customer. So, when the end customer uses the product, the user also will think that this is why only Samsung could make it possible. The device might sound similar to a tradition flip phone that relied on a hinge to connect the two parts of the handset. But, Samsung is more focused towards creating an actual screen that can bend. According to the report published in the wall street journal in July, the upcoming foldable Smartphone would use a single screen.

The move comes as the Samsung looks to reinvigorate growth in its mobile division that saw the sales percentage fall up to 20% every year in the second half of 2018. Koh also gave a clue that more of the details in the Smartphone could be unveiled this year at the Samsung Developer Conference in November 2018 that will be held in San Francisco but did not indicate when a full launch will take place. The mobile CEO also said that while the development of the Smartphone is almost completed, the company is yet to conclude on the Smartphone.


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