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A few days were left to go to Samsung’s 20th February Unpacked event, till then we have great and superb information about Samsung Galaxy S10 features, specifications, and what’s new in it.

As per rumor, we are able to watch first foldable display smartphone and as per the information Samsung it will be called Samsung Galaxy F, which means Fold or it will be called Samsung Galaxy Flex. All this thing will take place in Samsung’s 20th February Unpacked event in San Francisco.

Image Source: Malay Mail

As per the report by Wall Street Journal, Samsung will be introducing first foldable smartphone then it will surely help or you can say provide a boost to company and Samsung can head off the competitors such as Xiaomi. As we know Xiaomi frequently posted a video in which, we can clearly see foldable smartphone which fully functioning.

As per the rumors from CES – where Samsung confirmed a 5G prototype phone, which was able to connect to the next generation cellular network – and you have a lot of content for next month a shocking and likely groundbreaking event.

Whether Samsung introduces 5G or a foldable display smartphone in 20th February, Samsung already has many features and specifications floating on the 10th version of its flagship Galaxy S Series. And as per the rumor, we can say it may well live up to the top.

This flagship smartphone by Samsung will be powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor and this will make Galaxy S10 an ultimate fast smartphone. And as per the research, Samsung Galaxy S10 will perform way fast as compared to Galaxy S9 and LG V40.

If we put the performance aside, the critics, theorists, and leaders are portraying an image of a Galaxy S10  full to capacity with likely superb and outstanding features. Samsung Galaxy S10 is introducing an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, Face ID and an Infinity-O display. And if the rumors were correct then no one can stop Samsung to save its position at the top of smartphone chart.

If Samsung will not come up with these features than it is going to be difficult for Samsung to maintain its position in the smartphone market. As we know that Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have not gone well or in straight words, you can say does not sell well. The main fear for all smartphone brand is very fewer smartphone sales. And Chinese brand Huawei took second place and beat Apple and now Huawei is pressuring Samsung. As per the report was given by Huawei that it sold more than 200 million smartphones in 2018.

Samsung Unpacked Event On February 20 in San Francisco

Samsung crashed CES 2019 with the declaration of the specific Released date and exact location for Samsung’s Unpacked event. The Unpacked event will take place Wednesday, February. 20 at 11 o clock in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

As we all thought that Samsung would save its flagship smartphone and its first foldable display smartphone “Galaxy X” for MWC but now the company may give at least a sneak preview of it at the February. 20. 2019. And as per the report by the Wall Street Journal, the Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 will possibly start shipping in March as per the report by Journal and a prior report by Gizmodo UK.

All Models Of Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10:  The main difference will be its size and as per the rumors S10 will be of the same size as Samsung Galaxy S9, but with a little lean bezel. It will have a 6.1-inch display screen and as per the Twitter leaks, it will have 3 cameras total.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: The main difference will be its size and as per the rumors S10 will have one of the largest display screens. It will have a 6.4-inch display screen and as per the Twitter leaks, it will have 4 rear cameras total. Rumor by Ice universe insists that Galaxy S10 Plus will be 7.8mm thick and have minimum 4,000-mAh battery backup.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: This model is one of the less expensive and have a display screen of 5.8 inches and fewer hardware embellishments. And if we take a look on other rumor then we will say that S10 Lite will not come with two curved sides. It only comes with straight edges. No in-built screen fingerprint.


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