Galaxy Fold VS Samsung Galaxy S10: How To Choose
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It all started when a report comes, several months ago. Samsung would release a Galaxy S10 Plus with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage. The foremost reason behind this plan is that Samsung is willing to give users the storage that users get when they purchase a PC. This specification is not available for any other Android smartphone brand and any Android brand does not ever think of it. But at the time past, new reports and confirmation began coming in, as we went close to Unpacked press conference by Samsung. We come to know about several price leaks from Europe, listing all Galaxy S10 variants including the 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage, as quiet as a benchmark exposure in the past some weeks. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus model would be impressively extra expensive than any other variants of Samsung Galaxy S10. As per these leaks, presently, we have a price tag leak direct from China that informed us the exact story.

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As told by the Korean company that users can store up to 260 plus videos of 10 minutes each at a 4K resolution. And if we compare the 1TB storage smartphone to previous 64GB internal storage smartphone. Then you can only store 13 videos of 10 minutes each at a 4K resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Wi-Fi 6

Samsung is also using Wi-Fi 6 in its flagship Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 will give you the fastest Wi-Fi speed than ever with Wi-Fi 6. As per the given information, the Samsung is about to launch three (3) variants of its coming flagship Galaxy S10 and all three will support and have Wi-Fi 6. In the near future, this specification will help us and if you buy a new router over the following year, then it apparently brings Wi-Fi 6 support to your home.

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Evan Blass increased international fame and reputation for a series of several smartphone and tablet leaks on Twitter. And now, Evan Blass posted numerous Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks in the past few months, he also posted a screenshot that helps us to look the price in China of Samsung Galaxy S10 plus with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of inbuilt storage.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Price

As we can see in the image, the Samsung flagship smartphone will be priced around 10,000 yuan equals to $1478, which is in series with earlier price leaks. The same screenshot also informs about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 8Gb of RAM and 512GB of internal memory will be priced 9000 yuan equals to $1330. The price list is almost looking the same as we have seen in the European prices that were leaked a few months ago. And if we calculate the exact amount, we will get to know that, European (EU) prices were higher, if compare.

Price will vary from market to market, as smartphone merchants have to factor in currency, exchange, and tax system for several markets. But still, the image is pretty much clear to look at the price tag. You have to get ready yourself if you have already decided to buy the first-ever smartphone, which will have 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage. And you have to keep some extra amount in your pocket as it is going to be much more expensive than we thought.

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As we know, in the last Galaxy S launches, Samsung gives you the offer to preordering the phone and Samsung will assuredly provide you with several important products for preordering the smartphone as early as you can, and as per the latest leaks and rumors suggest that the brand new Galaxy Buds wireless earphones will be provided for free of cost throughout preorders. And the last but not least Samsung already shut down the reservation system for the smartphone, and now, you can save your money if you trade in your earlier handset. A few days were left to go to Samsung’s 20th February Unpacked event in San Francisco.

All, this report and leaks will reveal, only after a few weeks as Samsung is going to unrevealed the Galaxy S10 series in San Francisco event. Preorders for Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to start very soon, just after the event in San Francisco. Store sales will start on 8th March 2019.


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