Samsung, Note 9

Samsung has given the  Galaxy Note 9 its upgrade by confiring about the same in this week. This statement from the company comes after there are several leaks about the same for the last few weeks and it is constructing an image of the phone which has been surprisingly consistent.

Gray G Lee, who is the Samsung’s head of Samsung Research AI Center Head has confirmed this unique honour for the Galaxy Note 9. He said that Samsung AI vision always has five directions which are user-centric, always there, always learning, always safe and always helpful. Lee said this statement as per Korea Herald. As per the Lee, he confirmed that the next generation in AI for the Samsung future model smartphone would be coming with Bixby 2.0. Bixby 2.0 is said to be the next-level update to the platform, and it would be released with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 later this year.

Samsung, Note 9

The same source has said that this idea will be released in August 2018 and it is the idea of the Galaxy Note 9. This statement comes as per the rumour that the device can be revealed and hit the market as early as July 2018. Last year Galaxy Note 8 was revealed on August 23rd,2017 and Galaxy Note 7 was revealed on the August 2nd, 2016.

Samsung has some announcements which surround Bixby as the service and the platform pale in comparison to the competitors. When you compare Bixby with Siri, and it is against the Google Assistant or Alexa, neither Bixby nor Siri can get compare with the features they possess each other.

The image which was out before the release of their actual is real Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The device looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for the real good reason.  The company stops the version numbering the nonsense, and it starts in the all-the-time updates. If people are going to trust any of the version of the software and they are going to have seen it as an entity, and it is not just the version in the long line of versions.  It is expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be launched in a matter of weeks. The predicted month for the same is said to be either in July or August.


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