Samsung introduces the SmartThings Tracker to use LTE to search misplaced items
Image Source: Samsung Newsroom

In the recent development, Samsung is now going to release a SmartThings Tracker which will be powered by the LTE-M to track to find the stuff. It is said that the cellular network allows you to use the real-time location tracking for the pets as well as kids or misplaced items.

If the user pressed the power button present on the tracker twice, then it will send the location with the help of the SmartThings app. The app has also got an option to send the SOS.  This new tracker is compatible with the Samsung SmartThings devices which can be used in the conjunction along with the other smart home products that include thermostats, lights as well as security cameras.

You can use the tracker as an arrival sensor that can trigger the lights to turn on when the device is present in range. One can also use the same for geofencing the areas that can automatically alert the user when the tracker goes in or out of it. The tracker is said to be water-resistant for the indoor as well as for the outdoor use. The battery can be last up to a week on a single charge.

The main idea for the Samsung’s SmartThings Tracker is said to be similar to the Bluetooth trackers for the wallet as well as for keys. It has been seen in the companies like Chipolo as well AS Tile. These kinds of Bluetooth trackers which are cheaper, as well as smaller, have got the limited ranges that can stop at about 200 feet or can also rely on crowd GPS. This SmartThings Tracker is seen to rely on an LTE-M connection which has got a low power network that was made specifically for all IoT devices which are not limited by range.


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