Image Source: DPReview

Samsung is about to give you a 1TB Universal Flash Storage in smartphones. The main reason behind this idea is that Samsung wants to give you the storage that you get when you purchase a PC.

On this past Tuesday, the Korean company declared that they have already started developing a smartphone which will have 1TB embedded Universal Flash Storage, this storage will be the twice of its earlier production of smartphone storage and while keeping the exact footstep. This will be the first smartphone ever, which will have storage of 1TB.

Image Source: DPReview

As per Samsung, the production of 1TB storage smartphone will be the same as notebook and it will give you the feel of the next-generation smartphone. With 1TB of inbuilt storage, and as per information was given by Korean company, users can store up to 260 videos of 10 minutes each at 4k resolution. If we compare this 1TB storage smartphone to older 64GB storage smartphone. Then we can only store 13 videos of 10 minutes each at 4k resolution.

The Korean company also said that they were trying there best to faster the transfer speed up to 10 times faster than normal microSD card.

Why Korean company is developing a 1TB storage smartphone is because they know people are asking for a better smooth device, amazing cameras, and great content capture technology. This all features and specification need more storage to store beautiful images and 4k resolution videos and that’s why only they are developing 1TB storage smartphone.

As per rumors, Samsung next flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 will have 1TB of inbuilt storage, with four rear and two front cameras which will help you to fill up the 1TB storage smartphone.

In the first half of 2019, Samsung announces it projects to grow its production departments “to fully address the anticipated strong demand for the 1TB (eUFS) from mobile device manufacturers around the world.”

A few years back Samsung promoted its flagship Galaxy Note 9 smartphone as “1TB storage device,” but only when if you insert a 512GB microSD card in your device, the largest storage capacity ever built is the 512GB model.

Will Samsung apply its memory chip to issue the appropriate 1 TB smartphone in the near expectation? It is questionable, with several numbers of rumors, it has been suggested that the upcoming Galaxy S10 starters will include a high-end model with 12GB of RAM and 1TB inbuilt storage.


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