Samsung Mobile Chief just gave a hint at revealing the world’s first foldable phone
Image Source: Gadgets Now

The Head of Mobile at Samsung, DJ Koh, has hinted at the company’s aspirations to introduce foldable smartphones. His statement in an interview with CNBC that it is ‘time to deliver’ foldable smartphones is a clear indication of the fact that the company is aiming at unravelling a bendable device.

DJ Koh stated in the interview that the consumer research of Samsung showed that the demand for a foldable phone is increasing gradually. Different phone manufacturers have already been associated with rumours of developing a device with flexible screens that can be folded into half without the presence of a seam or hinge in the middle. On the other hand, Samsung has also reported that presently it does not have anything to share with the public.

DJ Koh further added that the process for developing foldable smartphones is considerably complicated. He also stated that Samsung has almost concluded work on the design of the foldable phone. On the other hand, he also stressed on the requirement of a clear purpose for a foldable smartphone before the company released a model.

He questioned about the benefits that could be found in the device as compared to a tablet in its unfolded state. He stated that if the experience of using the unfolded device is the same as that of using a tablet then people would search for some strong reason to buy it. DJ Koh also went on to emphasize that every device, feature and innovation developed by Samsung should provide a meaningful value proposition to the end-user.

The Samsung Mobile chief also hinted at the reveal date of the much awaited foldable smartphone at the developer conference of Samsung in November. On the other hand, there has been no mention of a date when the phones will be available in stores. One of the leading competitors of Samsung, Huawei, is also in the race to launch the world’s first foldable smartphone and time will be witness to who would strike big here.


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