Samsung's Flagship Smartphone Galaxy S10 Plus Full Review
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Samsung’s flagship S10 Plus is a superb phone. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has 6.4-inch AMOLED display, have enough battery backup which lasts for a whole day, amazing wireless power feature and three rear cameras are stellar, and Galaxy S10 Plus is one of Samsung’s four new Galaxy S10 phone to have, inbuilt storage of 1TB and a ceramic design for the 512GB and 1TB models. The Galaxy S10 is one of the best smartphones of 2019, and of course, there is no doubt that it will remain the foremost choice for huge, numbers of buyers. And as we all know, there are many pressures from the rival’s devices and the new 5G network and the foldable smartphone concept. We do not give, any product review one time and our review are subject to change as we use or test that particular product or device.

You can say, it might not be, as exciting as the Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is that type of smartphone, which you can buy today, and you also do not have to empty your whole pocket or your bank account money to buy it or rely on 5G networks smartphone to enter the market. Do not make a mistake, at $1000 for a 128GB model, at $ 1,250 for the 512GB model and 1TB inbuilt option for $ 1,600, this is an expensive device. (It starts at £ 1,099 in the UK and AU $ 1,499 in Australia.) Even though the highest expensive model is still hundreds less than April’s $1980 Galaxy Fold, and surely you will not pay more for 5G service as you would on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, a smartphone whose price is not yet, revealed will be much more than the Galaxy S10 on account of a larger display screen, further a 3D camera and definitely, a 5G capability.

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As I haven’t received a chance to review or test the Galaxy S10 5G, till then, I am seriously waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S10, which cost $900 and Galaxy S10 E model cost $750 for testing models to arrive at my office, till then, keep in mind till then I’ll have to stay off any final comparison until after I can review, all those Galaxy S10’s models. And I will continue giving a review on the Galaxy S10’s models with more disadvantages and advantages as I further utilize these phones for a long period of time.

The Galaxy S10 will save your $100 only. But you will, not able to have a front-facing camera, you will get a little less screen display space and also less battery back up. And it does not look like a huge, saving on paper. If you ask me, I will suggest the Galaxy S10E model as a valuable proposal, even though it is a little smaller, and also have fewer cameras. That will definitely, guide you. But if you seriously ask me that, which one is best Galaxy S10 phones, I will really, suggest you keep that idea on hold and wait until those reviews are in.

For comparison with other phones, I will not update with the Galaxy S9 Plus, but I will do with any older Galaxy phone. The main part about this model is that you have more general flexibility with camera shots on the S10 Plus than with the Pixel 3 at $789. Night mode is a special case, and night mode is dedicated to Pixel 3 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Amazon $ 989) which easily overtake the Galaxy S10 Plus. If night photography is a make-it-or-break-it feature for you, you can wait for the next month’s Huawei P30 Pro, October’s (possible) Pixel 4, or you can simply ask for god that Samsung will upgrade its software.

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For me, dim-light photography is not a huge deal, and especially when anyone compares it with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus other benefits, but if you, match those other night modes then Galaxy S10 Plus would not be a champion across this race.

As it persists now, Galaxy S10 Plus is an outstanding phone that I would be happy if I use it regularly and I believe that you will feel the same excitement and happiness the way I am feeling.

Galaxy S10 Plus – Amazing And Beautiful Design, But Smooth Surface

Samsung has always designs its devices in a manner that, it reflects light in an unusual manner. The model, which I have reviewed is the 128Gb version on Prism White, and it clearly reflects iridescent shades of pale blue, mint, and pink in the light and this color is great and difficult to describe. Flamingo Pink, Canary Yellow, Prism Green, and Prism Blue are brighter, there is Prism Black as well.

Just after this, I noticed and feel that the Galaxy S10 Plus has a smooth surface and it can create more tendency to slip away from your hands, especially when, it is not perfectly handled. It gets slipped out from between my hands many times, and luckily it always fell on my bed, a study table or, on my lap. The best thing when I review any phones is, I review the exact phones that, the way they come out of the box, but for this, I really want to buy a case to take care of this handset.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Infinity-O Notch

Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has an Infinity-O ‘notch’ display that surely a hole cut in the display to develop a required space for two cameras. As its oval shape display definitely, attract more attention of the customers than the single lens of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E. But as you know, I will not insist “notch display” anyway.

And if you talk about, the feeling of having a huge display screen with a slim Bezels. Several times, it is a type of combinations in the background, not asking much attention to itself.

But when the screen is lit bright, as with a white background, the variation of a tablet-shaped cut-out becomes more prominent. I wonder if Infinity-U display, such as Samsung, put on the midrange Galaxy A50 and A30, then it would look much better, though it will look more than an eyebrow-style notch. The solution to the all-screen dilemma can still be there.

The Galaxy S10 Plus screen itself is superb, with a 6.4-inch AMOLED display screen and a 3,040×1,440-pixel resolution. Outside readability is excellent. While sleeping accident if, I wake up in the middle of the night and look on the phone to go back to sleep, the screen is really bright, even the brightness decreases and on the blue-light filter. As, it is very bright using Android’s Wind Down mode, which turns the colors into grayscale.

Galaxy S10 Plus – One UI (User Interface) And Android Pie

There are many words to describe the One UI design but, I have chosen two words which will perfectly match it, first is big and second is bubbly.

Icons are large, flat circles that take some time to get used, because many designs have been changed, from the color of the gallery icon to the size of the Galaxy Notes app. I simply want to tell you that, these icons are very big. Their use on the home screen made me feel similar to a child. I quickly turned into a small icon size (that is, a big app grid on the home screen), which is to fit in more of my app without discovering through the folder or swiping the more screens.

Despite, I love smaller screen icons more than big screen icons, watching the big screen icons in the app folders was fine, as they can easily be located or founded. I also prefer some big app menus and “cards” are much easier to read without moving your neck in order to read something. This is exceptionally noticeable in Bixby Home, which you can enter by swiping the left side of the home screen.

Virtual assistant produced by Samsung Electronics is known as Bixby. I am not a very big fan of Bixby. And I only call it accidentally, but Bixby Routine can change my thinking toward itself. I was really affected with the flexibility of IFTTT to set up the daily routine and you can set or readjust in advance, are quite easy to wet novices feet. For example, I set the daily morning routine that starts at 6 a.m. and begins on the Always-On display (yes, you can it down anytime), surface specific lock-screen shortcuts, and shut down the Blue-Light filters. And I prefer to shut it on, for a bedtime routine.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Is Going To Be More Expensive
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For a long time, I have been testing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, while also using it to cover the 2019 Mobile World Congress event in Spain, that’s the main reason, I have not set routine to actually investigate into how good this works. It is difficult when it’s a bedtime and wake-up alarms are irregular, and when you can not set the actual “home” to use as a baseline test. After settling back in San Francisco, I can take a deep dive.

Galaxy S10 Plus – Gesture Navigation System: In this handset, Navigation button is already turned on by default, but you can also turn it on by yourself by going into the quick setting menu, to unlock much more screen space. When you will turn the navigation button on, you will be able to notice a little expansion in the display screen, leaving you with three horizontal dashes where the button is situated.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review:
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Galaxy S10 Plus – Kids Home: There is a new feature situated in the notification setting named Kids Home, it basically, opens a parent-protected profile garden for Kids to capture photos and download apps. Young children, that’s older one will roll their eyes and scoff, then locate the password and change all your default language settings.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Wireless PowerShare Charger

Genuinely I love this feature, as it will also charge any other device which has Qi-enabled. If you put it on the Galaxy S10 Plus’s backside. We all know Samsung is not the first one to release this, but genuinely it is the best assets, mainly for topping up accessories or helping your friend to charge his phone. This technology has been developed, just a few months ago. So that is the main reason that wireless charging is not as fast or efficient as compare to wired charging, but it basically, allows you to get rid of wires and also permit you to leave charging wires at your home. I could imagine a situation where you can charge your one phone all night and charge another phone on top of it.

The best part about this is, it automatically shut it down when your phone reaches 30 percent. As the phone battery life is so amazing, that it is way enough to get you through the rest of your day.

In-Screen Fingerprint – Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Fingerprint reader moves from behind the phone to correctly unite with the screen. It is a useful thing. It is more convenient than a rear-facing fingerprint reader, mainly when it arrives at using Samsung Pay or Google Pay for mobile transactions. (The Samsung Galaxy S10E will have a fingerprint sensor in the power button like the Galaxy Fold.)

For Samsung, the fingerprint scanner is a significant arrangement as it is the first one to use ultrasonic technology by Qualcomm. It simply indicates that it is using sound waves to get a 3D image of your fingerprint.

It is more secure than an optical sensor, which essentially takes 2D photos of your fingerprint. But it is further suitable for the natural films of gunk and goo. When I squeezed an oily (and tasty) churro among my fingers and then tried to unlock the phone, I have waster more than 20 minutes and it turns out as there is a limit.

In the very first time, I had a problem with its accuracy and speed, but when Samsung has published an update to reviewers, it is now more accurate and speedy then before.

This appears to work most knowingly about the location of your thumb. It will take less than a mile second to unlock, and you need to make sure that you are actually touching the screen, not just skipping it. I suggest you scan your four fingers so that you have backups. I have applied my right thumb two times, my left thumbs one time and my right-hand index finger.

No More Iris Scanning – Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

In Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus there is no iris scanning, which was its signature feature since the Galaxy S7.

This is a strange and big move for Samsung, which is usually a fan of more features. You will still have the built-in-built unlock of Android, but I do not prefer using it because it is not as much secure enough as fingerprint unlocks for mobile payments. If you want some fast and convenient, you can use it, but I would like to stay safe.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Three Rear Cameras

Testing a camera is a big initiative in itself, and Samsung has added several elements. There are three cameras on the back of the Galaxy S10 Plus (12-megapixel, 12-megapixel telephoto, 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle) and two front (10- and 8-megapixels, individually).

The quality of the photo is much better overall, But the low-light mode in the section below has some issues. if you ask me. We have many deep dive camera shootouts and comparisons in the following dates, but here’s my overall assessment for now.

Three Cameras In Galaxy S10 Plus

You can simply capture an image by using any of the given three lenses only by taping the on-screen icon. If you ask me, I will suggest you capture an image with the standard 12-megapixel lens, changing to the telephoto to go close up (2x) on long distance details, such as statue on the top of a fountain, or you can use an ultrawide lens to fit you more friends or the screen into a particular image. Because the ultrawide angle lens has an ability to view 123-degree field, as it will pull or twist out of shape an image a little bit and you can see in the image capture of your friend’s looks a little stretched.


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