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The mayor of San Francisco is going to distribute the opioid drug addiction directly in the streets of the San Francisco. The main aim of the program is to supply the drugs to the addicts with buprenorphine, which is used to help the people to reduce the use of the drugs and can decrease the cravings also.

Mayor of San Francisco Mark Farrell has announced that he will be allotted about $6 million for the next ten new public health clinics to provide the opioid treatment medicine buprenorphine which is known as suboxone. It is a daily pill which can reduce the risk of the overdose. The photos and videos of the people have risen, and it is gone viral in recent weeks. As a result, the reputation of the San Francisco is at stake. Farrell said, “The opioid crisis plaguing our country is alive and visible on the streets of San Francisco. The status quo is simply unacceptable.”

San Francisco, Opioid

As per a report San Francisco has been estimated to be home of about 22,500 injection drug users and from them about half of them are using heroin.

This new program is the follow-up program to a 2016 pilot program in which the city workers who are homeless are handed out buprenorphine to reduce the addiction. The city has already said that about 60 percent of the people who have received the drug now stay clean.

One of the homeless drug addict named Chris Ruffino who was an IV drug user and he is using it for 30 years. He has been addicted to opioids, and he had almost died five times from overdoses but luckily brought to life by Narcan injections. As per him, he said, “It’s buprenorphine that finally woke him up. Without the buprenorphine, I’d still be out here on the streets. I’d still be doing what I was doing.”

According to the Farell, he said, “Because this traditional setting of waiting for people that are addicted to drugs to come to doctors’ offices, to come into clinics and get the treatment they need – it’s not working, plain and simple.” He added by saying, “Ultimately this is about helping these individuals, but it’s also about improving the conditions of our streets. They go hand in hand.”



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