Solar system, 9th planet

In a recent discovery, the scientists have found much important evidence about the existence of the ninth planet. The scientist has found a Trans Neptunian object whose orbit is affected due to the existence of the ninth planet.

A paper which is published in the arXiv physics preprint server, it says that the astronomers have found a Trans Neptunian objects which might affect by the presence of the ninth planet. The new object is called 2015 BP519 and has an orbit which is present in the sun, and it is about 35 to 862 times the radius of the Earth’s orbit present around the sun. The planets usually orbit around the sun on the same planet, 2015 BP519 orbit around the sun at a 54-degree angle to the plane.

Solar system, 9th planet

The team which is led by the University of Michigan graduate student named  Juliette Becker realized that they need to have some explanation to explain why the orbit is so different. The researchers who are studying the planet movements said that the ninth planet dragging very well explains the 2015 BP 519’s strange orbit.

The team who is from the Dark Energy Survey say that the 2015 BP519 is the extreme Trans-Neptunian Object which is mentioned in the paper. They have used the computer simulations of the solar system to figure out about the object which had come across the strange orbit. The simulations which have the solar system in its model does not show the same orbit that is shown in 2015 BP519 orbit.

The researchers of from the Caltech theorizing which is about the ninth planet, 2015 BP519’s orbit which has matched exactly. The co-author of the paper David Gerdes, said while speaking to the Quanta said that this is not the proof that it is the ninth planet, but the presence of the 2015 BP519 is more likely to become the ninth planet in future.

According to the Shannon Hall, who writes for Quanta and was first to report the paper said, “Astronomers aren’t as certain of this conclusion since we don’t quite know what things were like in the early solar system. Maybe there were other objects in the early solar system that could have given the initial kick.”  The existence of the Trans-Neptunian Objects was recently added to the list of the evidence for the presence of the ninth planet.


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