The alien hunters and the conspiracy theorists are getting excited about a UFO sighting that was seen in the lunar crater. A UFO researcher is said to be claiming about the mysterious UFO-like object that was present on the lunar surface.

A new video which was posted on a YouTube channel named StreetCap1 has sparked the conspiracy about the presence of alien life on the lunar surface. StreetCap1 channel is said to be uploading the images and videos which shows the anomalies that are occurring on the lunar surface. The new video which was uploaded was showing a saucer-like structure which is parked inside a crater on the moon. George Graham, who is a UFOlogist and conspiracy theorist analyzed the video that was captured by NASA through the Space agency’s Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft.

StreetCap1 was a high subscriber base channel and the videos that get posted on the channel has been viewed for more than a million times. The video is titled as “ Huge Spacecraft in Lunar Orbiter 3 Photograph” have created a series of sensation on the internet with thousands of people watching and sharing the video on the social media platforms.

Marcel who is a YouTube user explained by saying that NASA will not give any explanation for such UFO-sightings. Another user named as Silverbackplays said that “The world really needs some billionaire to launch a public lunar orbiter, with modern imaging hardware, and downlinks not controlled by governments/agencies which are funded by governments.”

The image was taken by NASA’s Lunar Orbiter 3 Spacecraft since many years ago. The Lunar Orbiter 3 was launched by NASA on February 5th, 1967 and the mission ended on October 9, 1967. The YouTube Channel StreetCap1 has not revealed the UFO sightings for the first time. The videos of UFO sightings were also uploaded earlier in this channel.




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