Security researcher finds the bug that may crash and restart the iPhone
Image Source: TechCrunch

As per a researcher, who is a security researcher and a software engineer, has found that there is a new bug which can crash as well as restart the iPhone, as per TechCrunch. In the twitter app, SabriHaddouche has tweeted about this new bug. It was seen that there is a webpage which has got some 15 lines of code on Saturday. When you visit this website, the iPhone will get a crash, and it will be restart.

Haddouche has posted about this information on gitHub. The information includes that source code of the bug which is said to be having of few lines of CSS and HTML. All the other users have tested the webpage bug on macOS as well as on Windows 7 in which they reported that the Safari app got frozen first then it crashed their devices.

As per Haddouche, it said that anything which renders HTML on iOS is now affected. This means that you will be affected by the bug if someone will send you the link which is via the social media or email or if you can visit a webpage that includes the code.

This code is said to be the short snippet of code which can hide on almost any webpage. It will be restarting the iPhone by enabling the fail-safe that is built on iOS. The code that is posted here is available for all the resources which result in a Kernel Panic. In response to this, the iPhone will then be used as the power cycle off and power cycle on to prevent any kind of damage. But in this code, there is no malicious code found, so it is said that it cannot steal the data from the phone.


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