Share Posts Directly To Their stories New Instagram Feature | Instagram Changes API

Instagram New Share Feature

Instagram is developing and testing a new feature which will allow users to re-share the post, pic, etc. from another account to their feed. The Verge reports Enabling re-sharing has opposed by company executives, but it can help to drive massive traffic to the platform. According to this report, this feature as “seamless sharing.” and it will add a new share button for “share to feed” option in the settings menu for an individual post.
In the testing stage, the post can be re-shared twice at least with re-shared posts appearing below the name and photos of the user who shared it. the reports indicate that the features are in developing mode and there is no indication by Instagram that it will launch or not.
Instagram users have wanted this feature for a long time, often turning to unauthorized third-party apps to make it work properly. It could well be a favorite move to get famous.

Instagram changes API

Before we know about the fun factor, it is essential to cover the API changes that knocked the platform in 2018.
Earlier current year, Facebook and Instagram made major changes to their APIs to protect your privacy and personal data, and nearly every company that does business on Instagram get affected by the changes in APIs.If you use any app connected to Instagram, you probably feel new changes and some of your app may start misbehaving or stop functioning

Automatically Schedule Instagram Posts

One of the most exciting features out by Instagram this year, the ability to automatically schedule Instagram posts. This get happens because of the changes in APIs, giving Instagram business profiles the ability to plan single photo posts to Instagram without the use of push buttons. Now you do your business Instagram don’t interrupt your busy life, schedule your posts and lets Instagram do the rest.


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