New research findings claim that Mars has water ice on it. The layer of ice is not just normal ice as it is a layered mix of sand and ice which show the marks of the ancient polar ice caps. Data was gathered with the help of NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, this rover has been orbiting Mars since 2006 and as per the data, the rover has completed 60,000 trips of Mars.

The data was collected with the help of a radar instrument which has the ability to see up to 2.5 kilometres below Mar’s surface and when the records came to the researchers it showed a lot of ice on the planet surface. Stefano Nerozzi, a doctoral student in geology at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics who is the lead author of the research said in a statement which was released by the American Geophysical Union, “We didn’t expect to find this much water ice here. That likely makes it the third largest water reservoir on Mars after the polar ice caps.” As per the research, the planet has a lot of ice and if the ice melts off, it can flood Mars by 5 feet.


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