Skype Calling Coming To Alexa Devices | Microsoft Extended Partnership With Amazon

Skype Calling arising in Alexa Devices

Microsoft is very excited to bring Skype calling to Alexa devices, so the user can easily communicate with their friends, brother or sister or any family member from their Echo devices, merely using voice command, a user can make outgoing Skype voice call and outgoing video call, accept incoming Skype calls.
It is way simple as that say, “Alexa, call Mom on Skype,” or if Mom is calling you on Skype, say, “Alexa, answer.”

Alexa users will soon get the advantage of the high-quality Skype network all over the world and can easily connect with others from any device type such as PC, mobile phone, and Xbox,”
Microsoft and Amazon have already come together as a team to include Alexa mixture for Xbox One allowing the gamers to control a certain or small number of features of the gaming console.

The next steps towards the collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon to deliver engaging customer Experience through voice, which began with joining Cortana and Alexa.
Microsoft is excited to continue bringing the best of Microsoft and Amazon together. Skype calling on Alexa will begin working out in the last months of this year.

Microsoft has extended its partnership with Amazon

Microsoft strengthens its partnership with Amazon, Microsoft has announced Skype calling for Alexa device. The next move will ultimately let users on Amazon Echo speaker to communicate not just with Alexa but also directly with their family, friends using their voice.
The next disclosure comes just after Amazon announced the upgrade range of its Echo devices as well as the Alexa-powered Amazon basics Microwaves, Echo Wall Clock, and Smart Plug.
Microsoft is excited to continue bringing the best of Amazon together.


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