Asteroid, NASA

In a shocking discovery, a small asteroid was discovered which was heading towards the Earth and impacted the Earth’s atmosphere after few hours. The asteroid is said to be disintegrated over Africa on Saturday, as per NASA.

The tiny Space rock which is only six feet long has entered the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed which is about 38,000 mph and has broken apart at several miles which is above the surface, and as a result, a bright fireball has created which had lit up the evening sky. This event was observed by many observers, and also they have captured this on Webcam.

The Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona first spotted the asteroid which was named an asteroid 2018 LA. According to the Paul Chodas, who is the manager of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) said that the discovery of the asteroid 2018 LA is now the third asteroid which has been discovered on an impact trajectory. It is also for the second time that the impact location was predicted of the event itself. Till now all the three asteroids have burned up in the atmosphere and has caused no damages to any life forms.

Astronomers have realized the possibility of the impact after they spotted it but as it is much small in size, so they stated that it is harmless. NEO watchers have calculated the place where this asteroid 2018 LA will enter the earth atmosphere which is extended from Africa across the Indian Ocean to Papua New Guinea.

The final moments of the asteroid’s existence now appear to have been caught on Saturday evening, and it is from a webcam which is placed in South Africa. In the video, it looks like a giant fireball which might have impacted the ground, but in reality, it had disappeared over the horizon. As per the NASA, it said that the asteroid had disintegrated several miles over the surface after it lit up.

This asteroid is much smaller than the meteor which has exploded over the Chelyabinsk, Russia during the year 2013. The estimated size of the asteroid is over 60 feet wide, and that meteor has broken the windows in about six Russian cities and has caused about more than 1,500 people for medical treatment.


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