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Next smartphone by LG will have a double screen and not because of a foldable screen or display. The most important point to discuss is that some people are thinking that LG is developing and launching a foldable smartphone but it is not right as per the report by Korean-language outlet Naver, as it has confirmed that this smartphone will not foldable at all.

LG is working on a smartphone which will have the second screen attached to it and trying to launch it. But still, the name for the smartphone has not been finalized. The attachment will double the smartphones total screen size. But as per the report, the attachment will come in the form of a kind of case with the screen.

Image source: Cnet

LG’s upcoming smartphone will be one of those phones which will be launching at the upcoming Mobile World Congress Trade Show taking place in the next month.

Till now, there is no information about the smartphone specifications and features yet. Possibly, the second screen is an optional attachment designed to extend the screen size of the device. There is no information yet that how it will work. Apart from this, it is also unclear whether it will be in the box or will be sold as a separate accessory.

To maintain its position in the smartphone industry, LG is constantly working to offer outlandish smartphone designs. Last year, the company introduced G7 with an extra-loud, so-called boom box speaker, which had five cameras.

Till now, it is not clear how this smartphone will attract or take attention of the audience, But this is clearly different at a time when the company could use it differently. LG has struggled to stand apart from the competing field of smartphone players. While Apple, Huawei, and Samsung dominate the sale of high-end smartphones and OnePlus and other Chinese manufacturers hit more budget-conscious consumers, LG is stuck in the weird middle position.

LG flagship smartphones, such as LG G7 ThinQ and LG V40 ThinQ, are the phone which has pretty look that often get overlooked for flashier options.

LG G8 has to make new features. As we know that Samsung has already made fun of its foldable smartphone, but all other smartphone companies are still trying, developing and dealing with issues such as wear also split of a flexible screen and software and user experience issues. Samsung believes it’s solved some of those matters.

CNET is also not clear that this adjustable smartphone would be the mainstream G8 device, or maybe a separate device like LG’s previous G Flex series. There is no official confirmation on the same yet but the LG G8 ThinQ is expected to be showcased next month.

We can wait until MWC 2019 as it is not officially declared that the smartphone will be offering the second screen attachment. we might see more leaks to come in the upcoming days. It will also be exciting to see how this device will be valued and compete in the market.


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