In a study, it was seen that near to 14 per cent of US adults were smokers. This number has been down from about 16 per cent the year as per figures of government.

It seems that there is no change in the previous two years, but there has been a general decline about the new figures which shows it is continuing, as said by K. Michael Cummings of the tobacco research program held at the Medical University of South Carolina.

As per Cummings, he said that everything is now pointed in the right direction and it includes the falling cigarette sales with other indicators. These new figures were got released on Tuesday, and there are still more than 30 million adult smokers in the US.

The results of the survey show that the teens are now shunning cigarettes and it showed that they are among high school students who were down to 9 per cent, which is said to be a new low figure. In the 1960s. There was about 42 per cent of US adults has smoked, and it was common everywhere. There were no restrictions in offices, restaurants, hospitals, aeroplanes and many more places. The decline in this race occurred after people get to know that smoking cigarette causes cancer, heart diseases along with many other health problems.  As per some experts, the campaigns did for anti-smoking, taxes on cigarettes and ban on smoking are some factors which help in bringing down the adult smoking rates.

The launch of new electronic cigarettes also helps in reduction of smoking. These electronic cigarettes are high in demand and play a major role in decreasing the smoking habit among the people and especially among youngsters. E-cigarettes have got the liquid nicotine which was into the vapour and it has no harmful by-products which regenerated from burning tobacco. It makes them very much useful tool and helps the smokers to quit smoking.


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