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Snapchat has announced a true developer platform which confirmed about the Snap kit from last month. This has set the APIs to let other apps to piggyback on Snap’s login to sign up. It also builds Bitmoji avatars to keyboards, public display of stories and Snap Map content. It also generated branded stickers which come with referral links users, and they can share back inside the Snapchat.

Snap Kit’s big selling point is all about the privacy which is a differentiator from Facebook. It does not allow you to share the social graph and it prevents the Cambridge Analytica style scandal. The launch partners which include Tinder bringing the Bitmojis in the chats with matches, Postmates which offers the order ETA stickers that you can share in Snapchat which help in opening the restaurant’s page in the delivery app and Patreon which lets fans to watch creators stories within the app.  The developers who all want to join this platform need to sign up for it.

This kit will help in stumbling the public company that colonizes the mobile app ecosystem, and it is with buttons and content. This might inspire Snapchat signups from the new users, and then it will re-engage from the old ones. One of the main goals for the company in 2018 is Growth, and they hope that they will contribute to it and will continue to strengthen the engagement, as said by Jacob Andreou, who is the Snap’s VP of product.

According to Andreou, there are areas which are present inside the products, and they are really set standards, and we have already seen in examples the stories but now the things are different, and the data that the company collect need to share with the people who are login and register in the service. This kit is a set of developer tools which will allow the users to extract the best parts of the products and the standards which have set in the few areas and they bring them into the apps.


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