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Snap had shown off a newly updated spectacle. These spectacles are designed to use exclusively with Snapchat, and the company had fixed the price at $150. The spectacles are the sunglasses which comes with the camera and can record the circular video that you can able to view in Snapchat.

The spectacles have a single button on the glasses frame and when you press it, it will snap a 10-second video or can take a 30-second clip if you press the button again. If you want to have a still photo, then you need to press and hold the button. When the spectacle starts recording any video, LED lights around it to get to light up.

The storage capacity of glasses for the video is 150, or it can store upto 3,000 photos at a time. When you have recorded the video footage, Spectacles can get a pair with your phone with the help of Bluetooth, and you use your Wi-Fi to transfer HD clips to Snapchat.

The first glasses were debuted during the year 2016, and the changes that they have done in the new glasses are like water-proofing, slightly updated design and higher-def video. Water-proofing and higher-def video are the new evolutions, and they are meant to appease the existing users who have pushed up against the limitations. The new update is said to be minor for the users.

The other changes are you can find new colours for the glasses which make them look cool. The weight of the glass is less, and the temple is about one-third smaller. It now can take photos and got dual microphones which can reduce the wind noise and balance the out audio from the conversations.  The field of view for the glass has been increased from 105 degrees to 115 degrees, and it means you will be getting less in your shot, but fisheye distortion is reduced.

You can have a prescription or polarized lenses which can be swapped in when you order through Lensabl, and the cost of the single lenses start at $125. It also got a faster transfer time, and it claims a video which takes about 3 seconds on average to transfer the data to your phone. The price of the updated glass us about $20 more than the first vision and you can get the glasses from If you are in US, UK, Canada, and France, then you can buy it immediately, and if you are out of these countries, then you have to wait till May 3rd to get the same.


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