Apple is leading on the first in terms of camera quality among many smartphones in the market and has also got many positive reviews from the critics. When the Camera is tested while manufacturing it makes all the efforts to bring the major 3D tricks to the camera which will give the best output. Therefore by the reports, we came to know that Apple is bringing 3D trickery to the future iPhones which will be coming in 2019.

When it reported the future option it somehow matches with the Sony’s report of launching next-gen 3D sensors in 2019, and the particular it goes same that Apple will be using Sony’s next-gen 3D sensors in its iPhone. This attachment of Sony and Apple will result in a better featured iPhone next year, 2019.

Apple has proudly shared the result of its most recently launched smartphone, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. These iPhone models have given a good result of Apple in the market but the new iPhone of 2019 launch will surely result in the faster and speedier face unlock technology, will also bring the better depth effects of your click(pictures) and also when the 3D sensor will be added in the new iPhone it will give the 3D modelling images also. 3D sensor is a technology which will enhance a simple clicked image into a quality image.

Sony officially said that my 3D sensors are open for everybody and also waiting for the companies to add its sensor on their device, and we know that Apple has finalised the deal and the users will get Sony’s 3D sensors in the 2019 models. The sony’s head of Sony’s sensor division, named as Satoshi Yoshihara said that the ” Cameras revolutionized phones, and based on what I’ve seen, I have the same expectation for 3D” and said that the change will be somehow little on the very early stage but will be better.

With the 3D sensor technology, the users who will buy the new iPhone is 2019 will be also able to get 5G connectivity and obviously with the improved 3D photo features. You all just have to wait for sometime for the new Apple 2019. The Apple is not the one who is using Sony’s technology in their smartphone. But the Honor View 20 is the smartphone which is already using Sony’s ‘time of flight’ sensor which helps the user to scan the following objects in the real-time. With this Sony has also said that the user reports are not verified till date.

But it is for sure that the new iPhone in 2019 which would also be named as Apple iPhone 11 will be added and the major focus will be on the face ID unlock for better accuracy. According to the reports we have also got to know that Apple is itself working on the 3D sensors, therefore, it is quite confusing that it will opt the Sony’s 3D object or not.


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