Sony has announced a slimmed-down version of the “Digital Paper System” tablet on Monday, which is called as DPT-CP1. It is known as the e-link “electronic notepad,” and the main aim of the company is to replace the notebooks and printed books.

Sony has said that it is now started to pre-orders for the 10.3-inch model through the authorized dealers. The tablet weighs around 8.5-ounces, and it uses a display technology which is used in e-book readers which include in Amazon’s Kindle products. This gives an experience of reading the physical paper on the digital screen. The CP1 which is present in a tablet is meant to be drawn on, and it comes with a designed to replicate the feeling of writing on paper along with the pen and pencil. This new model lets the users fill out the interactive PDF forms, and Sony has built the new app which lets the users to port the documents to read or sign or note on CP1.

SONY, Digital Paper Tablet

The new tablet has a battery which is said to have a three-week lifespan, and it is unclear that it is placating the look and feel of the paper and pen and this is enough to attract users who are away from the other tablets, and they are far more or less take the notes in an old-fashioned way. The $200 price has the advantage over the 13.3-inch variant which is enough, and you don’t need the size of the larger model.

The company has not revealed any official release date, but the online shopping giant Amazon has listed the CP1 will be arriving on June 21st, 2018. As per latest reports, Digital paper variants will be receiving the welcome upgrades on May 30th, 2018. This new mobile app is for both Android and iOS in order to help the documents shuttle to the device User will also get the feature of the screen capture and video output modes for sharing the work with the larger crowd and it supports the smart forms, a page jump feature, automatic page rotation, panning view and also a thumbnail mode. This will help a user to see the files at a glance.


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