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As we know that Microsoft sent its web browser to the technology retirement home back in 2015, but four years later, the company’s cybersecurity experts are warning the diehard fans that it is truly a time to change over the new web browser.

The main and the most valid reason that Microsoft gives to change web browser is that they think Internet Explorer users are possibly missing out on a lot of experiences that are not customized to the browser.

In one of the posts uploaded by the company called “The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser,” Microsoft’s Chris Jackson told everyone that it should end using Internet Explorer. Even he snatched the long-running browser of its status and instead referred to it as a “compatibility answer”.

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We are not supporting new web standards for this, while many sites work excellent, large and developers are not experimenting and testing for Internet Explorer these days. As the company is developing and testing of the modern web browser,” as told by Chris Jackson. Consequently, if we continued our previous method, you would end up in a scenario where, by making the best or most effective use of the things you have, you will end up like that you are not capable to use new apps as they come out. Since the latest apps are developing out with greater frequency, what we want to help you do is avoid having to miss out on a progressively larger portion of the web!”

It all looks like that Microsoft wants to end the legacy product once and for all, Chris Jackson told that it is fine to use Internet Explorer for certain enterprise solutions, but, still, it should not depend on with full trust as a main web browser. During this long period, many numbers of companies have made the switch, remarkable professions with lean IT departments, like health care, still hold questions about the web browser.

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Microsoft Edge was developed and launched as the successor and got its first appearance with Windows 10. The software developers are working on the Chromium version of Edge which will be prepared for examination and testing in the near several weeks. The new version of Edge can make a huge difference for Internet Explorer die-hard fans because businesses will be able to install it on some older versions of Windows.


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