Heart health, lonely

In today’s world, loneliness is one of the most painful things one could ever realize in their life. Certainly, recent studies have found that increased risk of heart problems and death are somehow linked with the facts of loneliness. People who are more prone to heart failures are likely to die if they didn’t have anyone to share their feelings and to build up a social connection. Researchers have found that there are certain impacts of loneliness on body and mind, which ultimately turns the fortune of a person, mostly in a negative manner. And going through the up and down in life, which of course includes diseases, can be more pathetic and harder without reliable support and network. Isn’t it true guys?

The heart is the main part of the body, which response dramatically to your emotional state. For instance, broken heart syndrome occurs when heartbreaks triggers, due to severe chest pain, and this could lead to heart muscle failure, even though your heart is healthy.

According to the study, the European Society of Cardiology’s annual nursing congress stated that loneliness could be a relevant and strong predictor of dying too early. Researchers studied this fact from 13,463 people who were diagnosed with various types of heart problems. They had filled out the form, which gave the information regarding their relationships, smoking habits, friendships, mental health condition and much more.

Loneliness is common today and more than ever before. And some people are now living alone, which are somehow linked with their records. Despite education, people are more attached to alcohol and smokes, which they intake frequently. Overall, loneliness leads to increase the chances of death rates, both for men and women, and nearly double for men. Patient’s age and level of education don’t matter when health issues arise. If anyone is lonely and are more associated with drinks and smokes, are obvious to get heart problems shortly.



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