Climate change is the most serious concern we are facing from a lot of time and everybody know the consequences of the phenomenon but nobody is coming forth to take some actions. Some young enthusiasts got inspired by Greta Thunberg are now taking actions. More than 1 million students were protesting and rallying in order to make awareness about the harmful effects of climate change and they want politicians to take some efficient actions to solve this problem. Students from Australia, New Zealand, Africa, North America, South America came up to the streets and protested,

They just want change in the policies which will improve the conditions and help mother earth to survive. Greta Thunberg who is now nominated for the Nobel Prize sat outside the Parliament every Friday and many got inspired by her and initiated a global movement. There were approximately 2000 protestors who were outraged. Their banner contained many inspiring thoughts like “Stop Denying Earth is Dying” “Sea levels are rising and so are we”

Students are saying that adults are not doing anything to overcome this problem and one day this problem will lead to the end of humans on the earth. They are showing anger and disappointment. Green economy within 11 years is expected and they are hoping that the situations can be improved. Hannah Laga Abram who is just 18 year old said,

“We are living in the sixth mass extinction. Ice is melting. Forests are burning. Waters are rising. And we do not even speak of it. Why?

Because admitting the facts means admitting crimes of epic proportions by living our daily lives. Because counting the losses means being overpowered by grief. Because allowing the scale of the crisis means facing the fear of swiftly impending disaster and the fact that our entire system must change.”

But now is not the time to ignore science in order to save our feelings. It is time to be terrified, enraged, heartbroken, grief-stricken, radical. A manifesto excerpt is given below

“We’re young, we’re students and we’re calling for change. Our movement started in February when tens of thousands of young people took to the streets in towns and cities around Britain, in an unprecedented emergence of a youth climate justice movement. We’ve joined a movement that’s spreading rapidly across the world, catalysed by the actions of one individual in taking a stand in August last year. Greta Thunberg may have been the spark, but we’re the wildfire and we’re fuelled by the necessity for action.

The climate is in crisis. We will be facing ecological catastrophe and climate breakdown in the very near future if those in power don’t act urgently and radically to change our trajectory. Scientists have been giving increasingly dire warnings about the state of our planet for years, with the urgency and severity of their message escalating in recent times. It’s abundantly clear: change is needed, and it’s needed now!”

We all think that its the high time we should confess our crimes and do everything we can in order to make the things fine again. This is our time to sacrifice things.


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