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In a new report, it shows that the cocaine supplies and heroin seizures have already hit the record high. In the year 2016, the supplies of cocaine and opium have hit high ever which was hit recorded levels, as per the 2018 World Drug report which was released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on Tuesday.

The use of non-medical use of prescriptions drugs like fentanyl. These things are now becoming the major threat to public health which is increasing the contribution to overdose the deaths, and it is particularly in the United States.

If we consider the deaths globally. Then the deaths from the drug have reached an estimated 450,000 in the year 2015. It is like near to 40 percent in deaths which are resulted from the direct result of drug use. Opioids primarily cause these. The remaining 60 percent deaths were caused due to the indirect use of the drugs like HIV and Hepatitis C which are obtained from unsafe injections.

This report also found that fentanyl along with its analogs has remained particularly problematic in the Canada and United States. The use of non-medical tramadol which is another type of opioid painkiller is now increasing in Asia and the soaring parts of Africa, as per reports.

According to Yury Fedotov, the Executive Director of UNODC said that these drug markets are now expanding with the help of cocaine and opium production which hit the absolute record highs and they present the multiple challenges on the multiple fronts. The drug research expert, Thomas Pietschmann at the UNODC and also the lead authors of the report said that the real problematic issues come when they get an increase in opium production in Afghanistan and the massive increase in cocaine production happened due to Colombia.

These Tramadol has also been said to have linked with various terrorist networks in the Middle East.


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