India, rape victims

Because of high risks of sexual violence and save labor, India is stated as the most dangerous nation in the world for women to survive, a new survey suggests. According to the results that were released on Tuesday from the Thomson Reuters Foundation that consisted of 550 experts in women issues, India was stated as the most dangerous country when it comes to sexual abuse and human trafficking for forced labor, domestic work, forced marriages, and slavery, etc.

India is also considered to be the most deteriorating state when it comes to women following cultural traditions, a survey found, along with facing acid attacks, female genital mutilation, child abuse, child marriage, rape cases, and depression. According to the same survey that was conducted seven years ago, India ranked on the 4th place becoming the most dangerous country for women to survive.

The release of the survey report came after the public outrage was seen in India where some high-profile rape cases were put into the limelight including two cases of girls aged 16 and eight who have forced the issue of sexual violence back on the nationalist of matters. Hundreds and thousands of protestors considered the matter and campaigned on the streets for the better protection for women which has been considered to be the largest mass demonstrations that were held in the country since the rape and murder case of Nirbhaya in Delhi 2012.

Despite stricter rules being proclaimed by the Supreme Court of India, more than 100 sexual assaults are reported at the police stations every day across the country as stated by the national crime records bureau with more than 39, 000 attacks reported in the year 2016 and an increase of 17% in the year 2017.


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