Derek Angus – Editor in chief

Derek Angus is the lead editor for United News Desk. Derek has written for several publications including the Billings Gazette and the Huffington Post. Derek covers all technology related news like smartphones, gadgets, reviews and hands-on. When he’s not busy writing, Derek enjoys backpacking.

Email: Derek[at]

Rick Nesser- Editor

Rick Nesser was born and raised in Great Falls. Rick has worked as a freelance journalist for nearly a decade and written for Tribune Media, TODAY and Joystiq. As a journalist for United News Desk, Rick covers health and fitness related news supplements.

Email: rick[at]

Bernadette Peterson- Author

Bernadette Peterson was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. As a journalist, Bernadette has contributed to NPR News Blog, Outdoor Magazine, and many other publications. In regards to academics, Bernadette earned a degree in business degree from A&N and earned her master’s degree at the University of Florida. Bernadette covers local news and culture stories here at United News Desk.

Email: bernadette[at]

Marcin Frąckiewicz – Contributing Author

Marcin is a contributing author at United News Desk with three years of experience in the newspaper industry. Apart from writing and editing articles, he is also working as the Chairman of Board in TS2 Space and other space agencies.

Email: Marcin[at]

Brienne Connor – Contributing Author

Brienne Connor is our second lead contributor, Brienne Connor provides guidance on the stories of Environment section. She has been instrumental in making sure the content on the site is clear and relevant to the readers. Brienne received a BA and MA from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Email: Brienne[at]

John Gilmore – Webmaster

John is is the base behind all the Website Maintenance including Digital Marketing, Offline and online Marketing, Branding and Promotional Work. John had a strong past in web development with work experience in various bind geeks of this industry.

Email: John[at]

Victor Philips – ADs Manager

Victor is well known is the coding brain behind United News Desk. He is working in the same field since past 9 years and here Victor is devoting his experience in managing the Advertisement linked with the site. He tackles all the ADs placed on the website like Google Adsense, DoubleClick, Native ADs, Sponsored ads and others.

Email: Victor[at]

For any query, feel free to contact us at contact[at]